Tomat, Cherry Falls

Referens: S 180558

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The earliest cherry bush tomato! Ideal for patio containers or hanging baskets.

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Ideal for patio containers or hanging baskets, this versatile and very productive plant produces a prolific crop of mouth-watering bright red fruits! The sweet yet tangy fruits weigh approximately 15g and a single plant can produce 7-80 fruits by the end of August if seeds are sown in mid April. (Bush variety - very easy to grow as trusses do not require support and fruits without side shoots being removed.)

For greenhouse crops, sow Feb-April under glass 18-21°C. Grow in borders, large pots, or growing bags. For outdoor crops, sow April under glass 18-21°C. Grow in warm, sunny positions, allowing 45-60cm between plants. (16-18 weeks maturity).

HEALTH BENEFITS: Packed with antioxidants including vitamins A and C.

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S 180558

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